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The Antique Collector     ( Limited Prints )
Imaginative Portrait series
Bride From Shang Dynasty     ( Limited Prints )
Easter Archetype series
Miracle In Deerpark     ( Limited Prints )

Olga Sandoval     ( Limited Prints )

The Bathroom Cellist     ( Limited Prints )

The Royal Bride     ( Limited Prints )

Cloud River Transcendence     ( Limited Prints )
Artifact series (Eastern Artifact) This is a story of an Emperor who received a present from a wise magistrate on his 68th ...
Between Heaven & Earth     ( Limited Prints )
Artifact series (Eastern artifacts) This artifact has an ancient/ future look to it. It can be from 3000 years ago in ancient ...
The Empress Snuff Bottle     ( Limited Prints )
Artifacts series/ Eastern Snuff bottles originated from China in the 16th century after the introduction of tobacco. Its made of ...
Deep Blue Soprano     ( Limited Prints )
Archetype series
Wild Wabbits On Trampoline     ( Limited Prints )
Eastern Contemporary series Wild Wabbits (with a 'W') on Trampoline depicts the ups and downs of life. There are only a pair of ...
Portrait Of Lady Kunigunde     ( Limited Prints )
Imaginative Portraiture series This is inspired by my love for European renaissance portraits of Kings and Queens, Countess and ...
Lady On Horseback     ( Limited Prints )
Artifacts series/Oriental This painting is inspired by the Chinese artifacts that I've seen. But unlike the traditional ones, my ...
The Bellflower Twins     ( Limited Prints )
Archetype series This description is based on my personal mythic imagination. In the beginning, there is the ...
Dawns Upon A Lady Cherry Blossom     ( Limited Prints )
Archetype series (Chinese archetype) This painting is based on my imagination. During the painting process, I am able to ...
The Emperor's Wine Vessel     ( Limited Prints )
Chinese Artifact Series/ Imperial collections This painting is based on my imagination as well as my personal knowledge on ...
Gabriel And The Jewelled Bird     ( Limited Prints )
Imaginative portraiture series This painting served as a map for me to get attuned to Archangel Gabriel. It is also a marvellous ...
Lady With An Unicorn     ( Limited Prints )
Imaginative Portraiture series This painting is inspired by Raphael's painting with the same title, Lady with a Unicorn. The lady and ...
Maddalena Of Florence     ( Limited Prints )
Portraiture series/ imaginative From the earlier portrait of Madam Berenice, I strived to paint something more intresting. And ...
Double Happiness Vessel     ( Limited Prints )
Chinese Artifacts series I imagined myself walking in a museum called the memory of the hearts (see my earlier painting). It is a ...
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