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Living Saint On Horseback     ( Limited Prints )
Archetype series In the early hours of the day,Velia rode her horse to the hilltop of Lago di Como.It is a place where days have no ...
Bridget's Splendid Wilderness     ( Limited Prints )
Archetype series Bridget is an archetype of the girl every girl wants to be and every older women forgotten to be.The core centre of ...
Sophia's Astral Travel     ( Limited Prints )
Archetype series Sophia's the Scottish lady I painted in 'Autumn breeze she loves.'In this painting,Sophia travels in her astral body ...
Heart Of Glory     ( Limited Prints )
Archetype series The Heart is like a portal that opens many possibilities.And it embraces the mind like a mother holding her child.It ...
Deliverance Of Natasha     ( Limited Prints )
Archetype series Natasha as you have seen in my earlier works lived in a small town in Russian....This painting depicts an Angel ...
Illuminii     ( Limited Prints )
Archetype series Illuminii is the goddess of light and with infinite windows to other realms of realities. Her aura radiates so much ...
Autumn Breeze She Loves     ( Limited Prints )
Archetype series A beautiful lady who lives in a lighthouse on the coastline of Scotland.I caught a glimpse of her in her private ...
Stranger In Paradise     ( Limited Prints )
Romance series This painting is inspired by the music Stranger in Paradise.For those who are familiar with the music would know how ...
Annunciation Of Living Saint Milagros     ( Limited Prints )
Archetype series Though Milagros is a normal girl,she made personal sacrifices to cook meals for the homeless.She has a kindest ...
Planting Good Seeds     ( Limited Prints )
Archetype series Seeds on our hands to plant in life. Planting good seeds for the world and its future.Its that simple? Yet some only ...
Saint Agapito     ( Limited Prints )
Archetype series Saint Agapito is an Italian angel of architecture.He brought brilliant babies to our world,destined to be great ...
Prince Kalib,the Explorer     ( Limited Prints )
Archetype series Prince Kalib lives his life of natural wonders.Always with a curious senses for all things and great depth of ...
Candy Boy Joe With His Cat     ( Limited Prints )
Archetype series Little Joe always have candies with him and his cat Fifi constantly trys to steal a taste of those candies on his ...
Donna's Material World     ( Limited Prints )
Archetype series O Donna,she is so immersed with her indulgence for high heels and pet Fifi that she has no time for her mental ...
Natural Born Glory     ( Limited Prints )
Archetype series This is an Archetype we would all want to associate with.Lucky Aaron has everything going for him.His horse Jack kept ...
Living Saint With The Tree Of Life     ( Limited Prints )
Archetype series Living Saint Isidore found her way within,to the tree of life.The tree of life reveals to her the abundance ...
Twilight Lover     ( Limited Prints )
Romance series This is for all those moonlight lovers out there including myself.The wonderful excitement in the pre twilight ...
Aphrodite     ( Limited Prints )
Archetype series Aphrodite is the Greek goddess of beauty, love and fertility.Her sensuality so immersed that its aura transcends to ...
The Mighty Navigator     ( Limited Prints )
Archetype series The mighty navigator is the archetype of those who has the ability to seek what they want in life.The horse is his ...
Living Saint In The Woods     ( Limited Prints )
Archetype series The living saint with a dove on her palm, is a messenger on Earth.In the labyrinth woods she walks,she brought heart ...
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