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Angela With Two Doves     ( Limited Prints )
Archetype series Angela is an archetype of divine nature.Where ever she goes, there will be doves around her.She has a glow in ...
Tambourine Girl In The Cafe.     ( Limited Prints )
Lifestyle series This painting is inspired by a girl who walked into my cafe when I was painting one day.She was wearing the 'Empress ...
Queen Nefertiti Arising     ( Limited Prints )
Archetype series Queen Nefertiti symbolizes as a primordial beauty,fashion and power to me.Fashion and jewellery got lots of ...
Memory Of Hearts     ( Limited Prints )
AncientFuture series When I was 16 years of age, I studied Chinese ancient history and learned that there were many precious knowledge, ...
Eternity Forever     ( Limited Prints )
Archetype series I had a great time painting this in the cafe and a wonderful meditational practice.I popped in my Katherine Jenkins CD ...
Three Wise Kings     ( Limited Prints )
Archetype series This is my painting of the Three Wise Kings who followed the Star that led them to where Jesus Christ was borned.Nobody ...
Jerome's Splendid Wilderness     ( Limited Prints )
Archetype series This painting is the boy's version of Bridget's Splendid Wilderness (see earlier painting) and Jerome is the symbol of ...
Living Saint With The Magic Flute     ( Limited Prints )
Archetype series This painting is inspired by a famous painting of Picasso called Boy with a pipe.And the word Magic Flute always echoes ...
The Legacy Of Jane     ( Limited Prints )
Archetype series I am a fan of the late Jane Roberts who is famous for channelling Seth (spirit), who came into our reality to share ...
Queen Of Corundum     ( Limited Prints )
Archetype series This is one of my earlier archetype painted few years ago.The Queen of Corundum came about from my love for red ...
Valentine's Villa     ( Limited Prints )
AncientFuture series This is a Villa fit for two persons.Me and my girlfriend.The problem is,I don't have a girlfriend.So I'll get to ...
The Sender     ( Limited Prints )
Archetype series Life has its strange wonders.This painting is about fabulous friend who came into one's life at a right place and time ...
The Royal Communion     ( Limited Prints )
Archetype series This is another painting after Old Wisest King, for my pre sleep affirmation.The King, Queen and Jack symbolizes the ...
Old Wisest King     ( Limited Prints )
Archetype series This is one of my favourite Archetype.When I need to seek a solution for a problem, I looked at this painting next to ...
Androgyne (union Of Opposite)     ( Limited Prints )
Archetype series The concept of Androgyne has existed since the ancient medieval time.Its the union of opposite gender hidden deep ...
Lord Ganesha     ( Limited Prints )
Archetype series Here is one famous Hindu god that needs no introduction. Lord Ganesha. In my country, lots of businessmen ...
Self Portrait (dancing With Yin & Yang)     ( Limited Prints )
Archetype series Well.I am always learning to 'Tango' with Yin & Yang way of life. If not Tango I can always revert back to the chaos ...
Princess Anastasia     ( Limited Prints )
Archetype series I can't possibly paint archetypes without a Princess.So here it is with Princess Anastasia.It is believed that she is ...
Angel Of Heart From Brazil     ( Limited Prints )
Archetype series O yes Brazil! I sought of get the impression of Brazil when I looked at this painting or is it that pretty girl I met ...
Julia With Her Cat     ( Limited Prints )
Archetype series Little Julia is 12 years old.She always knew how to create a sacred space to herself with flowers.Only her cat Fifi ...
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