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Zastega     ( Limited Prints )
Landscape series I lived in a buzzing city with lots of people, noises and distractions. In my mind I saw a place that provided me an ...
The Invitation     ( Limited Prints )
Romantic series I entered the gate and walked up a stairway. Greeted by an enchanted sight of a garland passage of roses and ...
Secret Journals Of Izabella     ( Limited Prints )
Western Archetype series Izabella Zukitch is a 16 years old Hungarian from Budapest. Many years ago, while on a vacation trip in ...
Ballerina Nina Golovina     ( Limited Prints )
Romance series This is an imaginative love story of a 17 years old Russian Ballerina named Nina Golovina (played by a real Russian ...
Volontis On A Seahorse     ( Limited Prints )
Western Archetype series I made up the name Volontis from the Italian word Volonta which means "will power". Will power on a ...
Caroline With The Tree Of Life     ( Limited Prints )
Western Archetype series Caroline whispered, "Follow the heart,and the Tree of Life will sprout from within.There are worlds ...
The Beginning Of Lady Justitia     ( Limited Prints )
Western Archetype series Most people think of Lady Justitia as a Goddess of Justice, holding a sword and a scales on the ...
Twin Tailed Siren     ( Limited Prints )
Western Archetype series The Twin Tailed Siren myth has existed since the Roman period. I found the old symbol of the ...
Flower Picker (italy)     ( Limited Prints )
Western Archetype series This is Sofia and she comes from Piemonte, Italy.There is an air of sexuality in how she carries her bouquet of ...
Flower Picker (austria)     ( Limited Prints )
Western Archetype series Flower Picker symbolizes the ability to conceive and process all daily events into a pleasant ...
Luv From The Blue Sea     ( Limited Prints )
Romance series This is a painting of a love story between an English gentleman and a mermaid.He called her Theia, which ...
Orfeo     ( Limited Prints )
Archetype series Orfeo is a guardian of the unconscious mind.The infinite ocean within the personal psyche.He holds a lighting on ...
Fashion Portrait Ii     ( Limited Prints )
Portrait Series The drawing of this fashion portrait was done a decade and half ago and I just recently retrieved it from my archive ...
Fashion Portrait I     ( Limited Prints )
Portrait series The drawing of this Fashion portrait was done one and a half decade ago and I decided to retrieve it from my archive ...
Saint Joan Of Arc     ( Limited Prints )
Saint Series This is a Saint that need no introduction.Joan of Arc was canonized in 1920 by the same church that convicted her ...
Master Archer Wen Yue Su     ( Limited Prints )
Archetype series (Chinese archetype) This is an Archetype I've created for myself.The name Wen Yue ...
Isillini     ( Limited Prints )
Archetype series Isillini is an imaginative archetype from Russia.She is the most famous circus acrobat of all time.Her nickname ...
Vinotaurus     ( Limited Prints )
Archetype series While I was painting this icon, a friend came by and said,"Here comes the stock market bull ran!!" and my finger ...
Metropolis     ( Limited Prints )
Archetype series Fritz Lang is one of my favourite movie director and I thought he has a great foresight in predicting our future. We ...
Blue Lake Of Fainting Spells     ( Limited Prints )
Archetype series Blue Lake of Fainting Spells.Sounds like a mystery movie genre where Jodie Foster's in it or one of M. Night ...
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